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Terms & Conditions – Competition

  1. The European Semi-Final of the VKIBC 2024 Contest is open to young dancers from all over Europe, students, and graduates (professional dancers) from state and private dance schools. The prize is the qualification for the final of the VKIBC 2024 contest in New York.
  2. The contest consists of a two-stage competition in two performance categories and four age categories.
  3. Performance categories:
    – classical/neo-classical dance (a variation from the classical/neo-classical repertoire in any of the edits accepted by the jury in the first stage of the contest)
    – modern dance without style restrictions (solo, duet, group formation – up to a maximum of 6 people)
  4. Each entrant can take part in one or both categories.
  5. Each competition is judged separately by a jury.
  6. The contest is held in the following age categories:
    9 – 11 year-olds,
    12 – 14 year-olds,
    15 – 17 year-olds,
    18 – 26 year-olds.
  7. We recommend choosing a dance piece tailored to the participant as follow:
    – in the case of classical repertoire, a variation not exceeding the technical level of the performer
    – in the case of modern dance, a choreography (music) with content appropriate to the age of the dancer. Participants/their teachers take full responsibility for the copyright of the chosen choreography and music. Neoclassical works fall into the category of classical dance.
  8. The overall score of the participants in the contest consists of the average of the scores of all the judges, given for the technical level and the stage personality of the dancer. The participant’s score is non-negotiable and is not made available to the public.
  9. The first stage of the contest is based on screening of a video recording (an excerpt of choreography in the case of contemporary dance or one classical/neoclassical variation). The time of each presentation must not exceed 3 minutes.
  10. Submissions may be submitted until 31st January 2024.
  11. The video material should be attached to the entry form.
  12. The participation fee for one category is PLN 250/EUR 55. In the case of participation in two categories, the fee is PLN 400 /EUR 90. The entry fee should be paid immediately to a bank account after sending the entry form. Please make all payments to the bank account:
    Fundacja Michaila Zubkowa
    ul. Powstancow Slaskich 1
    42-286 Koszecin
    PL 54 1020 1664 0000 3802 0691 8199 (PKO Bank Polski)
    Payment title: VKIBC – Full name of the participant
  1. Completion and submission of the entry form constitutes acceptance of the Competition Rules. Participants thereby agree to freely transfer the copyright to the Michaił Zubkow Foundation in terms of audio, photographic, video and audio-video materials created during the contest from 9th March to 10th March 2024 for the purpose of media broadcast usage (e.g., TV broadcasts, online services, interactive use). The Michaił Zubkow Foundation reserves the right to transfer usage rights to third parties in part or in full.
  2. The Michaił Zubkow Foundation is not responsible for incorrect data provided in the online registration form.
  3. The Michaił Zubkow Foundation is not responsible for any injuries suffered during the contest. Participants (or their parents/guardians if under 18) will be held accountable for any inappropriate behaviour or damage caused.
  4. Participants shall be informed of their qualification for the second stage by email within 21 days (from receipt of the entry form and payment), but no later than by 12th February 2024
  5. The second stage of the contest shall take place at the Baltic Opera in Gdansk between 9th – 10th March 2024:
    -The classical dance competition is scheduled for 9/03/2024
    -The contemporary dance competition is scheduled for 10/03/2024
  6. IIn the contest – stage presentation aspect, it is not obligatory to perform classical repertoire in the theater costume. However, a costume in which the figure of the dancer is clearly visible is required.
  7. The use of stage props is permitted. For the safety of the audience and other participants in the competition, it is recommended that all props are removed from the stage after each presentation.
  8. The VKIBC Competition Final, which will take place between 8th and 12th April 2024 in New York, allows entry to participants who got qualified in one or both categories of the competition
  9. The organisers of the contest are not responsible for the travel expenses of the participants taking part in the contest.
  10. Each participant in the VKIBC semi-finals receives a certificate of participation in the contest.

    Additional semi-final prizes:
    – Valentina Kozlova Dance Foundation Award – covering accreditation costs for a participant in the finals of the VKIBC contest in New York (participant covers transport costs on his/her own)
    – Michaił Zubkow Foundation Scholarship – covering participation costs in the 2nd edition of the ‘Wave of Dance’ workshops in July 2024 in Gdańsk. (Accommodation/food to be arranged and paid by the participant individually)
    – Joffrey Ballet School Scholarship – covering workshop costs for a participant in the summer intensives of the Joffrey Ballet School 2024.