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“I am convinced that the Dance I have been involved in for the past 40 years
is a phenomenon of human existence. Dance has shaped my personality. Following the path of self-exploration
through movement, I experienced its uniqueness in the fact that it teaches man to live in harmony of mind and body.”

Michaił Zubkov

Vision of the foundation

To promote and support culture and art, especially the art of dance in the broad sense of the term. The Foundation operates for the public good in the field
of educating children, youth and adults with and without disabilities. Special care is given to children and youth from rural areas and those at risk of social exclusion,
including national minorities. The Foundation is directed towards international integration. As part of that engagement, it promotes the creative activity of both professional and amateur artists
by initiating and organizing artistic events such as reviews, festivals, competitions, courses, conferences, and outdoor performances. In terms of improving social competencies,
the Foundation conducts theoretical as well as practical training in the form of courses and workshops in the field of dance, drama, fine arts, music, film, photography, and artistic craftsmanship.
In addition, by organising various events related to physical culture, sports and recreation, the Foundation pursues its yet another goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle.


To increase the significance and value of Dance, as a historical and cultural phenomenon, in the common awareness and in the public opinion
of Polish society in terms of both knowledge and practice. To promote Polish dance culture and its heritage on the international stage.

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