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Wave of Dance

The International Master Dance Workshop Programme is designed for young students (from 13 years of age),
private and public ballet school alumni, as well as advanced level contemporary dancers.
Workshops are organised through a collaboration with a Ballet School named after Janina Jarzynówna-Sobczak in Gdańsk.
It focuses on mastering, grounding and developing skills in the modern space of dance art.
All the classes will take place in professional infrastructural setting and brought to its highest level.
They will be led by competent educators and choreographers representing the current norms and trends in European and world dance.
During this eight-day intensive Master Dance Workshop the following techniques will be proposed: classical, neoclassical, and contemporary dance, progressing ballet.
A new feature of the 2nd edition of “Wave of dance” is the “Teacher’s edition” program for dance teachers, which is planned to be implemented during three days of workshops.
Dance teachers will participate in practical classes conducted by “Wave of dance” teachers – in the form of their choice, as well as theoretical lectures.
They will also be able to benefit from consultations during meetings with teachers of the 2nd edition of the workshops, during which the presented techniques will be discussed.
The Programme will culminate in the Final Showcase of all its participants.